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  • Explore your thoughts using doodles.
  • Set motivating and empowering goals.
  • Think through problems more effectively.
  • Discover process for making better decisions.
  • Use your doodling skills to change your life.

I’ve tried so many self-development programs that cost thousands of dollars, but none of them gave me that complete change in all areas of my life, like this one. This course literally gave me the knowledge and confidence to go get what I want most.

Cristian Souza
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Dear Adam, I come to the end of an inspiring and reawakening journey.

When I started this course, I was a bit skeptical about how this course would help me along my self-development journey. However, as I reach its end, I cannot tell you enough how much this course has benefited me.

Over the past few months, all that I put on paper are being realized. It's like I've been able to manifest my dreams into reality. I was able to 'see' the problems visually and work out solutions. All this is because, I was willing to keep an open mind about the problems I faced, I was challenged to take risks and tackle disappointments with resilience.

Thank you so much for allowing me to take this course at no cost. I will try and encourage others to sign up so as to benefit from the course as I have.


Life Vision Poster

Planet Hope Template

Here is What We will Go Through Within the First Five Free Modules of this Course Using Visual Thinking Templates

  • 1

    You will measure your self-confidence and unlock your greatest strengths and weaknesses.

  • 2

    You will explore the link between your past, present and the future impact of your decisions.

  • 3

    You will outline your life's vision as measured through your values, beliefs, standards and goals.

  • 4

    You will analyze your self-image and self-ideal and how they relate to your life's vision.

  • 5

    You will delve deep into an exploration of the main goal you have chosen to focus on throughout this course.

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