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How to Doodle 40 Day Course
The Visual Alphabet
Faces on Inanimate Objects
The IQ Doodle Cheat Sheet
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An Indispensable Skill...

Great thinkers throughout history have moved communities, society and in many cases entire nations forward because of their ability to think creatively and solve problems effectively. They were able to do this because of their ability to bring their thoughts to life visually on paper. Visualizing their problems on paper provided them with clarity, and with clarity came insights that helped them find the solutions they were after. You too can develop this ability and it all begins with learning how to doodle.

The How to Doodle Course will provide you with the foundational skills you need to begin solving your problems visually.

Doodle Course Highlights

  • Learn to doodle anything using 12 basic shapes.
  • Discover how to use frameworks for doodling.
  • Creative challenges to test your doodling skills.
  • Learn how to doodle people quickly and easily.
  • Use a simple face matrix to doodle emotions.
  • How to doodle human hands and feet quickly.
  • Show movement and direction in your doodles.
  • How to doodle metaphors and abstract words.
  • Comprehensive visual note-taking guidelines.
  • And much more over 40 days...